Besides the obvious things like diet and exercise, there are many other contributing factors to weight loss that most people are unaware of. It is not simply calories in/calories out.  At VitaNovu, we have a registered dietician on staff who takes a holistic approach to your weight loss efforts.

First, we start with a comprehensive lifestyle and nutrition assessment to determine why your body is storing fat instead of burning it.  Instead of fad diets, meal replacement programs, or toxic medications, we actually teach you about nutrition, gut health, and metabolism, and give you the tools to implement new eating and lifestyle habits. We use scientific research to support the diets we recommend, including fasting, ketogenic, paleo, and elimination diet programs. These programs typically result in rapid weight loss within 2-3 weeks and subsequently become a way of life for most of our patients, because they feel so much more vibrant and healthy when they follow them!


We also have some other unique tools to help kick start your weight loss program, including supplements and IV therapy that can replace nutrients your body is lacking, which leads to sluggish metabolism.  When we focus on correcting the underlying imbalances that lead to weight gain, your body will naturally start to drop weight with very little change in activity levels because we are improving your baseline metabolism.  In fact, there are times when too much exercise can thwart your efforts in losing weight because it creates more stress for the body, which raises cortisol levels and leads to more fat storage. The body requires balance and harmony for optimal metabolism, and VitaNovu offers the most effective strategies to achieve this.*

Our approach to weight loss may include:

1. Micronutrient testing for metabolic deficiencies
2. Intestinal health evaluation
3. Food allergy/sensitivity testing
4. Detoxification and minimizing toxin exposure
5. Customized meal plans and healthy recipes
6. Stress reduction techniques and proper sleep hygiene
7. Effective exercise strategies
8. Supplements and/or IV therapy that can increase metabolism and energy production

Since every patient is unique and will gain and lose weight differently, we recommend you start with a comprehensive 1 hour assessment with our registered dietician, Sara Poulsen, RD.

VitaNovu also offers Coolsculpting, for focused areas of permanent fat loss, great for those hard to slim areas such as love handles or backs of the arms.  We have found that weight loss and Coolsclupting used together, result in a more rapid achievement of the body you most desire!