Natural Skin Care 

VitaNovu takes pride in providing exceptional care for all of our patients so that they can look and feel effortlessly radiant. Our first-class care can also be recognized in our variety of exceptional and scientifically advanced skin care collections. These specifically chosen products are designed to target and treat a variety of skin concerns in order to provide our patients with optimal skin care and overall health. Our variety of revitalizing products include:


Rejuvenate your skin with this collection of creams, lotions, serums, washes, and more! Products are formulated with exclusive ingredients, such as antioxidants, peptides, plant extracts, and vitamins. Each unique product can be used to help reduce signs of aging to give your skin a refreshed, younger appearance! We proudly offer a variety of products to directly target your specific needs and goals.

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This unique collection of enriching skin care products is brought straight from the Mountains of France and delivered to your skin. Products are a combination of perfectly balanced minerals extracted from enriched reservoirs. These unique and nourishing ingredients provide healing benefits that can have your skin looking healthy and vibrant.


Revive the appearance of your skin by diminishing the negative signs of aging with this revolutionary skin care line. This new generation of naturally balanced skin care topicals is backed by research for providing amazing anti-aging results. Leading Swiss researchers implemented exclusive ingredients that effectively erase the natural signs of aging for supple, youthful-looking skin.


This medically-researched and advanced skincare line provides a series of skin rejuvenating serums, hydrators, and cleansers that can hydrate your skin for a supple glow. This effective skincare collection works on a cellular level to build collagen and activate your skin’s natural restorative functions. These specialized botanicals can diminish the signs of aging and have your skin looking vibrant and glowy.