Halo Fractional Resurfacing Laser Treatment 

Everyone’s skin is different, and everyone can experience skin imperfections in different ways. Whether the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, skin damage, or uneven skin tone is visible, everyone’s skin needs a specific solution that is personalized to treat their concerns. With technological advances in skin care treatments, there is now an effective solution for restoring your youthful glow. With the Halo Fractional Resurfacing Laser treatment, you can rejuvenate the appearance of your skin for a radiant look.

What is the Halo Laser?

This revolutionary skin care treatment is an effective solution for precisely targeting skin damage and concerns. Treatments utilize the power of laser wavelengths to provide deep dermal rejuvenation and epidermal renewal. This unique and advanced laser treatment provides personalized treatments designed to address your specific skin concerns and aesthetic goals.

How Does It Work?

During treatment, the Halo hybrid fractional laser is used on the treatment area. The specialized hand piece is rolled over the skin and generates laser energy. One laser is designed to target the surface of skin, while the other laser penetrates into the deeper layers of skin and damaged tissue. The lasers actively work to target the appearance of damaged skin on a cellular level. The rejuvenating benefits effectively  promote the healing qualities of your skin’s own cellular processes to renew and restore the tissue. This repairs the layers of damaged skin and can provide you with a luminous glow. Another great benefit about receiving Halo laser treatments is that they are performed in a non-invasive way that does not require any downtime.


There are many revitalizing benefits that this advanced laser treatment can provide your skin including:

  • Reduce discoloration

  • Repair sun damage

  • Diminish the visible signs of aging

  • Even skin tone

  • Reduce redness

  • Treat melasma

  • Reduce enlarged pores

  • Diminish scars and stretch marks

  • Smooth away cellulite